Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Snowflake Stream...

Happy Wednesday,

Today's card is again made up with pieces I had left in my scrap box.  I always keep all the pieces I cut and make especially during demos its perfect when I want to play and challenge myself.

I found this background and the snowflake in my box obviously from other projects that hadn't worked or left from a demo.  the background is a piece of card I had stamped with the large media plate using the liquid pigment inks in blues and silver.  This gives an easy and more importantly mess free background that shines.  I embossed this with my star stream embossing folder then ran silver pigment ink pad over the top to bring out the embossed stars.

The snowflake was cut form more of the card and I added swirls and a smaller snowflake cut in the new Crafts Too Yale blue lustre print card.  I added a couple of pearls and a strip of a rafia ribbon in the same lighter blue.  The snowflake in the lustre print card was lightly sanded to age it and show a little white in the raised areas.

Finally layers of Cobalt, sh
silver shine and light blue make the finished card.


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Demo Scraps...

Happy Tuesday,

I had a wonderful time at the mini show at the Holiday in Kent on Sunday meeting so many lovely people.  One of the demos I did was this piece I have used for the centre of this card.  I love getting the pieces I have made on demos home so that I can, with my full craft stash as I can't take everything with me, make these into finished cards and samples.

Today's card is made using my Oval jedi-late as well as just 2 colours of ink and 3 stamps! I stared by adding blue and purple pigment into the media plate.  I then brayered this to smooth the ink and used 2 of the leaves from my circle leaves set to stamp onto the plate to pick up the ink and then stamping this onto the card.  I continued removing the ink and adding it back on 2 corners of the oval.  This gives, as shown stamped images that have both colours.

Next I stamped the oval so that the areas I had removed the ink show as shadowed showing the white card below.  I added more of the blue ink using the mini blending tool ( Finally back in stock for next Tuesday's Hochanda shows) and stamped this to gradient the oval.

I then stamped the butterfly stamp in the blue around the oval.

Once I got the piece home I added some shaded roses at each end along with leaves cut with scraps of card I had cleaned my brayer on ( I run my brayer over plain card to clean it between uses which makes a brilliant shaded piece perfect for die cutting)

I added mats and layers of a matching purple and cobalt blue with a few white layers thrown in for good measure!


Monday, 16 October 2017

Blue Snowflakes...

Happy Monday,

A bright and wintery card for your delectation today!  I live Blue white and silver and thought it was time, after a lot of black, that I went a little more traditional today.

to start I embossed the Yale Blue lustre print card using my snowflake circle embossing folder.  I then sanded back the raised areas to show the white core under the print, for this card i lightly sanded the card so that a soft snowflake look was achieved.

Next I added the die curt form the Amy Design range cut in white over this.  Next came a sanded and embossed panel of the blue embossed with the winter trees embossing folder ( see yesterdays card(

I then added the Crafts Too snowflake cut in card that I had covered in silver kitchen foil.  I then added ranger gloss accents in white on the snowflake to add to the snowy feel.

A layer of mirror card embossed with my star stream embossing folder and a few layers of blue and white finish this 8x8" card.


Sunday, 15 October 2017

silver trees...

Happy Sunday,

Today I am demoing at the Oyster Stamps open day in kent, if you are around the area pop in and say hi!

Todays card is a silver version of a card I posted last month however having just got my hands on the Silver gilt metal sheets I really wanted to see how different it looked and the silver allowed me to add snow at the bottom which didn't work very well in the gold!

I added 2 sheets of the silver gilt to a piece of card with double sided adhesive sheets then embossed it using my Winter Trees embossing folder.  to make the silver show properly I smoothed over black versafine ink and polished the excess off using a soft cloth ( kitchen roll market the silver so I used an offset of cotton)

I then  simply added the 2 Amy design deer dies cut in black gloss card.  I then added glue across the bottom and used the Crafts Too snow over this to give a fluffy base to the card.

To finish I added a few layers of black white and silver to make a large yet flat card perfect for a winter birthday.


Saturday, 14 October 2017

Striped Poinsettia...

Happy Saturday,

Today I am running Workshops at JGD Crafts in Sutton in Ashfield, I'm really looking forward to seeing the ladies and Janet again!

Today's card was made from me experimenting with waste form the fabulous Izink texture pastes.  After making a pink zebra canvas using my large Zebra mask, I was left with a spatula full of pinky texture paste.  As the paste is suitable for card as well as fabric wood etc as it is flexible;e i wondered if it would spread onto card and then, once dry, be able to be die cut.  Thats exactly what I did and I found that once dry I had a flexible and pearlised piece of paper which also die cut, bonus!  I then used the piece to cut all the poinsettias on this card.

The great thing about these is that the texture paste is fully flexible meaning I was able to shape the flowers without them cracking, it helped me to understand why these work so well on fabric!

I embossed a piece of the Christmas red lustre print card from Crafts Too and sanded the raised are back to show the white core of the card.  I love this about the lustre print ( I have some fab new packs coming in November) as it can be used in so many different ways.

I added a stamped sentiment and a few layers to finish the card.  This one is great for posting as the flowers pop back even if squashed!


Friday, 13 October 2017

Glitter and shine...

Happy Friday,

Firstly I would like to say a big Thank You to everyone who wished me a happy holiday and birthday, it really does mean so much!  We had a fabulous Holiday really relaxing and I have come back with lots of new ideas and ranges for next year a few weeks of drawing ahead for me I think!

Today's card uses a few different tecahniques that I love using to give maximum effects with minimum effort.

I stared by cutting a circular aperture in a square of silver scraper foil.  I then embossed the piece using my Snowflake circle embossing folder.  I then sanded back the pattern using a sanding block which revels the silver behind the black ink ( sorry I seem to have used this technique loads recently but it really is easy and effective)

For the centre panel I embossed the largest in the Crafts Too snowflake die set into a piece of silver mirror card ( I used a 300gsm construction mirror card which embosses without cracking)  I then added silver pearl drops and the snowflake for added texture.

The border of the card is really easy to make I simply added double sided tape around a layer of black card and added silver distress glitter over this.  because of the different sized particles in the distress glitter the black shows through adding another level of depth to what is a relatively flat card.

I added a few mats and layers of black and silver before adding to a 8x8" card blank and finished.


Thursday, 12 October 2017

Last Quick Post...

Happy Thursday,

Today is the last quick post as although I will have returned form Holiday by now I allowed a couple of extra days so I could have a chance to catch up!

Today's card is made using my star stream embossing folder mixed with my Winter Trees stamps ( just the snowflakes)